7 Celebrities Who Purchased Bitcoin… Are you interested? – Crypto Currency Tracker

As cryptocurrency adoption picks up steam in 2021, it has become more accessible than ever to anybody bold enough to leap in and join the battle. Although crypto, and particularly Bitcoin, may appear to be desperate attempts to “get rich quick,” a surprising number of celebrities are also falling into the hype and investing their hard-earned money in the crypto sector and its numerous initiatives.

bitcoin celebrities

Unsurprisingly, several celebrities are associated with Bitcoin and actively invest and trade in bitcoin. Celebrities that are technically gifted are more likely to be adopters. This includes names like Elon Musk, the Winklevoss Twins, and Bill Gates, but there are others outside of the tech bubble.

Let’s look at a couple of noteworthy celebrities that have openly stated their affiliation with and interest in cryptocurrencies for fun.

Williams, Maisie The Game of Thrones star was questioned on Twitter in November 2020 if she should buy Bitcoin, and after considerable community debate, she replied that she “got some anyhow.”

Tyson, Mike The world-renowned boxer has his own Bitcoin ATM line, complete with face tattoo branding designs. He also collaborated with Bitcoin Direct to produce a Bitcoin wallet with the same name.

Ashton Kutcher The That ’70s Show star is a well-known investor in BitPay, a payment processor that allows retailers to accept Bitcoin payments. He previously stated that “Bitcoins are certainly becoming more and more relevant.”

Russell Okung The Carolina Panthers player is the first in the NFL to “have half of his pay paid in Bitcoin.” However, this is not legally correct because his income is received in USD, but he promptly converts half of it to BTC. Nonetheless, this is a significant step forward for crypto.

Paris Hilton. On the online auction platform Cryptograph, the heiress sold a digital artwork of her beloved cat for $17,000 in eth.

Snoop Dogg’s stage name. The California rapper is selling one of his tracks for 0.3 BTC. It was nearly a deal in 2013; that pricing is unlikely to maintain now.

Akon. The musician, composer, and philanthropist created his own cryptocurrency, “Akoin,” to fuel a smart city he hopes to establish in Senegal.

This is by no means a full list of people who have publicly endorsed cryptocurrency, and as coverage expands beyond BTC, more and more celebrities will certainly jump on board, both publicly and privately. However, as we all know, celebrities aren’t afraid to hop in and out of the current thing for a little exposure, so perhaps this isn’t the ideal metric to use to gauge worldwide popularity of cryptocurrency. The CEOs, entrepreneurs, and officials who have a hand in regulating and setting rules for crypto are the folks we really want to keep an eye on. They are, however, less likely to be as vociferous about their opinions and may only publicly proclaim their commitment when planting a tree.

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