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Bitcoin Savings Accounts: How to Earn Lucrative Interest

Do you want to earn interest on your Bitcoin investment?
Do you wish to earn interest on other cryptocurrencies you own?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, you have arrived at the correct location. This post will introduce you to various reputable financial solutions that allow you to earn interest on Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. They make revenue through a variety of processes, such as lending cryptocurrency to financial institutions and margin trading exchanges.


The majority of these goods provide Bitcoin interest. Several of them are also part of Defi (Decentralized finance), which allows you to earn interest on popular cryptocurrencies.

Disclaimer: While these tactics work, you should be aware that lending is a dangerous business. A couple of them have a time limit. You should only choose one of the goods based on your risk tolerance.

The table below provides details on several Bitcoin savings accounts and the currencies they support.

Bitcoin Saving Accounts Interest rate for BTC (APY) Interest Up to (APY) Withdrawal Supported coins
Cryptocom 4% 8% Instant BTC, ETH, BNB, BAT, USDT, USDC
Vauld (For Indian users) 6%+ 6.7% BTC, ETH, USDT
BlockFi (Recommended, available globally ) 6.2% 6.2% Up to 2 days BTC, ETH, GUD
Celsius 3.75% 3.75% (BTC), 8% (Stable coins) Instant BTC, ETH, XRP, Stable Coins & more
Binance (Great for trading as well) Variable 1.5-3% Instant BNB, BTC, USDT, ETH, ADA, BCH, and more
Nexo BTC not available ATM 8% Instant All StableCoins
Compound finance BTC not available ATM WBTC (0.17%), DAI (2-5%) Instant WBTC, ETH, DAI, USDC, REP, ZRX

Comparison Chart of Bitcoin Savings Accounts

6 Best Bitcoin Interest Websites for Bitcoin Savings Accounts
1st. BlockFi

BlockFi should be your first pick as a Bitcoin Lending Platform if you want to earn interest on your Bitcoin. They provide interest rates of up to 6.2 percent per year on certain cryptos. The following cryptocurrencies are supported by BlockFi:

GUSD Bitcoin Ethereum (Gemini Dollar)
USDC Litecoin PAX BlockFi Highlights

Interest is paid out at the start of each month.
The interest is compounded monthly.
On the platform, you can also trade. For example, when the price of Bitcoin is high, sell it for USDC and purchase it again when the price is low. In both circumstances, you will earn interest.
The interest rate you earn with BlockFi is determined on the amount you lend. The figure below provides an overview of the Annual

Please keep in mind that APY is determined using monthly compounding.

BlockFi has a one-month locking duration. The withdrawal necessitates a manual interview, which might take up to 7 days to complete. Furthermore, you must continually keep track of withdrawal costs on your BlockFi Interest Account (BIA).

2. Celsius

Celsius is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers interest in Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. Interest is usually paid out weekly. If you own the platform token (CEL), you will most likely receive a better rate of return.

Celsius currently supports the following coins (presented with an average interest rate):

4.60 percent for Bitcoin
3.90 percent for Ethereum
4.50 percent for Litecoin
2.50 percent for Ripple
4.25 percent for OmiseGo
3.75 percent for Bitcoin Cash

Highlights from the Celsius Network

There is no minimum deposit.
Withdrawal without fees
There is no lock-up period.

3. Vauld – Indian Bitcoin Savings Account

Vauld, an Indian crypto exchange and financing platform based in Singapore, was founded in 2018. They just secured $25 million in series-A fundraising from a number of renowned investors. Vauld is a lending/borrowing platform as well as a cryptocurrency exchange.

The beauty of Vauld is that it instantly begins earning interest on the different cryptos in your wallet. Following a brief sign up procedure, the site is simple to use for both novice and expert users. You’ll adore the Vauld platform for lending your Bitcoin and earning attractive interest, especially if you’re an Indian user.

4. Binance Savings Account

Binance is the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world, with millions of traders worldwide. It has a function called “Binance Savings,” which allows you to lend your Bitcoin and earn interest. Binance now has an estimated annual yield of 1.6 percent.

To use this functionality, do the following:

Navigate to Binance.
Select Finance > Savings.

You may lend your Bitcoin here and begin earning interest. You may also choose to auto-subscribe, which will lend your Bitcoin balance at the end of the day. This is great for traders who are taking a break yet want to earn extra money with their cryptos.

5. Compound Finance

ompound Financial is a decentralised finance platform where you can lend cryptocurrency and earn interest. Lending cryptocurrency through Compound contributes to the liquidity pool. Interest rates are calculated algorithmically (in real time) using supply and demand.

Compound financing allows you to lend the following cryptocurrencies:

ETH DAI BAT USDC 0x (Zrx) Augur WBTC (only for lending Wrapped Bitcoin)
Here is the most recent supply APR (interest rate) for all supported cryptocurrencies:

Compound finance will likely add additional coins to its pool in the future.

Metamask is a popular approach to gain access to the Compound protocol. Users who value security should utilise Defi saver, which allows you to access compound protocol via hardware wallets like as the Ledger Nano X, Ledger Nano S, Trezor, and Fortmatic.’

6. Nexo

Nexo was introduced to me a few months ago, and I’ve already shared it with CoinSutra members on Telegram and Twitter. If you are an existing member, you may already be aware of Nexo.

Nexo is another excellent tool for earning income on Bitcoin, stable coins, and other cryptocurrencies. You may earn up to 8% interest each year, which is usually paid out daily.

Coins supported include USDx, EURx, GBPx, USDT, PAX, DAI, BTC, ETH, BNB, and more.

Highlights from Nexo

All major stable cryptocurrencies are supported.
Deposit and withdrawal are both instant.
There is no waiting period.
Asset-backed guarantee in full
BitGo and Lloyd’s of London Business provided $100 million in custody insurance, which was audited by Deloitte.
Instant wallet withdrawal with no withdrawal costs

How to Earn Interest on Bitcoin
As the cryptocurrency and decentralised financial markets mature, I expect to see more trustworthy networks and platforms emerge. For the time being, these are some of the greatest ways to earn interest on your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You may also earn interest in Bitcoin or stable currencies, according on your needs.


Here is a summary of your article:


Block Fi and Celsius: The Most Convenient Way to Earn Bitcoin Interest

Binance: Best for individuals interested in cryptocurrency trading; accepts Bitcoin.

Which platform do you use to generate Bitcoin interest?


Try these platforms and share your favourite in the comments section.

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