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The Cryptocurrency Who Should You Follow on Twitter?

If you want to be exposed to discussion and news about politics, sports, the economy, or cryptocurrency, Twitter is the place to be. Discussions on cryptocurrencies, in particular, have experienced a significant increase on Twitter in the previous two years. Because the market has developed so quickly, several renowned crypto investors, DeFi initiatives, Web3 producers, and the like have amassed massive followings by sharing with the public their perspectives on cryptos, the economy, and where they believe future DeFi innovation is likely to go.

best crypto twitter accounts

However, for individuals who are new to cryptocurrency, finding reliable crypto Twitter accounts to follow might be difficult, especially because crypto Twitter is inundated with millions of users.

Top ten cryptocurrency Twitter accounts

Vitalik Buterin @VitalikButerin
Brian Armstrong @brian_armstrong
Balaji Srinivasan @balajis
Roger Ver @rogerkver
Gavin Wood @gavofyork
Adam Back @adam3us
Andreas Antonopolous @aantonop
Elon Musk @elonmusk
Jack Dorsey @jack

Who Has the Most Trustworthy Crypto Twitter Accounts?
When looking for crypto experts to follow, seek for those that have technical understanding of crypto, Bitcoin, DeFi, and Web3, as well as entrepreneurs who have founded their own ventures and are notable investors. Andreas Antonopolous, Anthony Pompliano, Brian Armstrong, Michael Saylor, and Vitalik Buterin are just a handful of the respectable crypto Twitter accounts that fulfil these qualities.

Top 5 Bitcoin Influencers
Many of the people mentioned above are also referred to as “crypto influencers.” This is due to their fame and influence in the business.

Andreas Antonopolous, for example, is a Bitcoin supporter, entrepreneur, and best-selling author of Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Currencies and Mastering Ethereum: Building Smart Contracts and dApps.

The second is Anthony Pompliano, a well-known investor who regularly speaks about cryptocurrencies on television.

Brian Armstrong, CEO of bitcoin exchange Coinbase, comes in third. Coinbase has gained a household brand due to the popularity of cryptocurrency in the United States, and because it was one of the first platforms that permitted US investors to acquire cryptos. Brain Armstrong has gained a larger following in recent years and has taken a more prominent position in promoting crypto’s role in the wider economy, particularly when it comes to creating crypto-friendly laws.

Fourth is Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, the publicly traded firm with the most Bitcoin on its balance sheet, valued at over $7 billion.
Finally, there is Vitalik Buterin, one of Ethereum’s co-founders.

All of the people mentioned above are crypto influencer all-stars, and the most of them offer courses and seminars (like Andreas), podcasts (like Pomp), and participate in interviews (like Saylor). Following these personalities on Twitter may thus be quite advantageous for those who are interested in this sort of news.

What Are the Best and Most Popular Crypto Twitter Accounts?

Because Twitter has such a large community, there are many experts, clever, and experienced people in the crypto, Bitcoin, DeFi, NFT, and web3 businesses. This implies that there are plenty of individuals to follow on Twitter. However, the more people you follow, the more cluttered your Twitter timeline and algorithm will be, thereby limiting and restricting access to broader perspectives and material. To make things easy and uncomplicated, Phemex has compiled a brief list of crypto professionals for you to follow.

Our Picks For Best Crypto Twitter AccountsTyler Reynolds@tbr90Willy Woo@woonomicChris Dixon@cdixonRyan Selkis@twobitidiotNic Carter@nic__carterDavid Hoffman@TrustlessStateDocumenting Ethereum@DocumentEtherDocumenting Bitcoin@DocumentingBTCCobie@cobieZhu Su@zhusuJosh Olszewicz@CarpeNoctomPlanB@100trillionUSDCred@CryptoCredsassal.eth@sassal0x


Tyler Reynolds, Chris Dixon, and Cobie are excellent Twitter accounts to follow if you’re interested in Web3. Willy Woo, PlanB, and Documenting Bitcoin are all terrific places to go for knowledgeable Bitcoin commentary, price updates, and trading insights. Although it is a large area, anyone interested in Ethereum might follow /r/Ethereum, Documenting Ether, sassal.eth, and Cobie. Finally, the finest voices for broad economic analysis, crypto research, and macro investment are Ryan Selkis, Nic Carter, Tyler Reynolds, Zhu Su, Josh Olszewicz, and Cred.

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